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Why use a Realtor for a Pre-Construction Condo Purchase?

Blog by Julie Dempsey | October 21st, 2014

It is in my opinion that using your own REALTOR® is to your benefit. The comfort that comes along with using your own REALTOR® is that they have YOUR best interest at heart and are working with you to buy the best home for your needs with no strings attached. Like myself, as a Realtor I will represent you with honesty, integrity and ethics to make sure which ever home you purchase ticks all the right boxes. 

The sales representatives within the new home sales office works for the builder, which is where their true loyalty lies. They are passionate about their projects and have belief that their property is the best - which is not negative, but may leave you with a purchased home that is missing certain elements of a home that maybe be important to you.

By having your own representative (REALTOR®), you will have an unbiased sounding board and opinion that will ensure the keys to your next place will open a door to exactly what you want and need. There are many benefits to using your own realtor such as the following:

  1. As mentioned above, your realtor works for you not the builder therefore your best interest is at heart.
  2. Your REALTOR® will be invited to VIP events which gives them access to the best floor plans and prices per square foot before being released to the general public.
  3. If your REALTOR® has experience in pre-construction she will ask the right questions.
  4. Your REALTOR® will be able to negotiate the agreement in your best interest. As price is usually not negotiable, certain fees (education, park levies) can be taken out or capped within your agreement.
  5. Your REALTOR® has access to the MLS system which can provide you with prices and useful information of comparable properties in the area.
  6. Your REALTOR® can keep you updated on the project. Questions concerning construction and occupancy can be easily answered.
  7. If you are looking to assign your unit, your REALTOR® can help you find a buyer as certain types of advertising is not permissible by the project builder.

Most developers are extremely reliant on agents to achieve their pre-construction sales numbers, addiitonally great for your bottom line. Providing discounts to purchasers who aren't represented by an agent would alienate agents and their clients. In addition, hiring a professional in any trade ensures confidence. You wouldn’t go into court with out a lawyer, and the same goes for the real estate market.

Speaking with developers and finding out all the details you need can be easily facilitated by your REALTOR® and they would be happy to arrange this - they aren’t there to block a sale but more or less elevate and encourage the best purchase for their clients.

Many of the usual reasons for hiring an agent have already been mentioned including getting special discounts, special buying opportunities, and above all special INSIGHT into the market.

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Contact me, Julie Dempsey, if you have any questions regarding pre-sale or pre-construction condos in the Calgary, AB area, I would be happy to help 403-923-6299.