About Julie

Julie Dempsey

Real Estate is in my family tree. When I was young we moved - a lot - 9 times in 13-years. We weren't in the witness protection program, we were just very involved in Real Estate: my mom was a Realtor and my dad assesed property values. I can't blame my parents for my uprooted life, they were just doing what my grandparents taught them. My Dad's dad was a Realtor and owned a brokerage & my Mom's mom bought and sold properties (always for a tidy profit). I remember Grandma telling me how important it was for a house to be clean, have a fresh coat of paint and pretty curtains...clearly Grandma was the first "Home Stager"!

It's been over 13-years since I started in this business, I have sold over 1000 condo and have been certified as a Condo Specialist. My passion for this industry continues to grow; I feel blessed to be able to do what I love!