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The Guardian is a focal point and catalyst for the resurgence of the historic Victoria Park Neighbourhood. Those that live here are at the forefront of redefining Calgary's urban core and the reimagining of our city


The Guardian is ideally situated in the heart of urban Calgary – and all the opportunities that come with it. At a nexus of neighbourhoods, it is bordered by East Village, Stampede Park and Downtown. It is also uniquely connected to the Bow and Elbow Rivers, a short walk or bike ride from Inglewood and an easy amble over to the energetic 17th Avenue.  The Guardian is just minutes away from all of these places, but free from their congestion and noise in a quiet, distinct neighbourhood with character, charm and history.


A new cafe, a trendy microbrewery, an award-winning artisanal ice cream shop, a striking new home for the National Music Centre: these are the signs of a real urban renaissance all around you.  Creative agencies have converted some of the historic warehouse buildings on 11th Avenue into their studios, transforming one of Calgary's oldest neighbourhoods into a vibrant new community for visionaries, creative professionals and innovative small businesses.  The resurgence of Victoria Park is a rare opportunity for savvy urbanites to not only reap the lifestyle rewards of urban living, but also the exceptional value it presents.

The Guardian Features
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The Guardian Floorplans

Guardian Features

 A BOLD STATEMENT OF MODERN ARCHITECTURE  Twin spires of glass and steel atop a street-facing podium represent the height of contemporary architecture.

HEIGHT AND GRANDEUR  The Guardian's twin 44-storey towers - the tallest residential towers in Calgary - rise up proudly to create an instantly recognizable landmark in Calgary's ever-changing skyline. Extended glass balconies and metal panels highlight the towers' height and grace while the strong horizontal lines of the penthouse units crown each tower.

FORM MEETS FUNCTION  While beautiful, The Guardian wasn't designed just for aesthetics. Every design decision took both form and function into careful consideration. For example, the extended floor plates that wrap around each floor improve energy efficiency by providing solar shading in addition to giving the towers rhythm as they stretch ever upward.

VANTAGE POINT  The Guardian was designed to take in panoramic views of the city skyline, the rivers below it and the mountains on the horizon. Standing tall over the heritage buildings of Victoria Park, The Guardian's unobstructed vantage point invites residents to drink in these views from their expansive balconies and through grand floor-to-ceiling windows.

OPEN CONCEPT DESIGN  The Guardian suites draw in abundant natural lighting and encourage movement in open concept, flexible spaces. Hallway space is minimized to make room for maximized living space. Rooms are generously sized and shaped to let your imagination roam free for furniture layout. Generous storage, closets and built-in workspaces allow you to live and work with liberty.

ROOMS WITH A VIEW  The Armony Cucine kitchens are displayed openly as the beautiful design pieces they are, yet also discretely blend into the living room to give your home an organic flow and to make the most of your panoramic views. Meanwhile, the expansive balconies invite you to to use them as your second living room, perfect for entertaining.

PERFECT KITCHENS INSTALLED PERFECTLY  Like any work of art, only the most skilled craftsmen are trusted with Armony Cucine cabinetry. Each cabinet is installed by Master Installers from Germany, all of whom have upwards of 15 years experience installing European kitchens. This unrivaled attention to detail is rare in North American, but has become an industry standard in Europe that we are proud to import to The Guardian.

Guardian Gallery

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The Ezra Floorplans





1 - 644 sq.ft.
3 - 589 sq.ft.
5 - 629 sq.ft.
6 - 630 sq.ft.
10 - 623 sq.ft.
2 - 893 sq.ft.
4 - 948 sq.ft.
7 - 1,019 sq.ft.
9 - 1,112 sq.ft.
8 - 700 sq.ft. 1 - 2,123 sq.ft.
2 - 2,063 sq.ft.
3 - 3,373 sq.ft